What Is Microsoft Office Suite?

Microsoft Office Overview

Microsoft Office is the most used and trusted productivity software for homes and offices around the globe, and for good reason. Easy-to-use apps are perfect for creating, editing, and sharing your important projects and ideas. How can you benefit from Microsoft Office? Here is everything you need to know:


Microsoft Word - Word - A word-processing program used to transform a blank page into a polished document in the blink of an eye. Writing of any style can be easily formatted through customizable templates or manually with your own vision in mind. Use Editor to proof your document and get checks on spelling, grammar, and other style suggestions to improve your writing.

Microsoft Excel - Excel - A spreadsheet program that features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and more. Organize your data, and use charts and graphics to present your information in a fresh, new way. Use bars, colors, and icons to highlight trends and patterns visually. Easy-to-use templates make presenting trends and forecasts simple.

Microsoft PowerPoint - PowerPoint - A presentation program used to create and give gorgeous presentations like a true professional. Design and maximize the visual impact of any presentation. Combine photo, video, text, and more to make a stunning slideshow for any meeting, presentation, or speech.

Microsoft OneNote - OneNote - A free-form, note-taking program to get organized and stay organized. Compile notebooks, sections, and pages and quickly search across typed or handwritten notes. With OneNote, you can type, write, or draw, allowing you to shape your vision in any way you choose.

Microsoft Outlook - Outlook - An email program that connects calendars, contacts, and files seamlessly. Manage your calendar, share meeting times, schedule events, and get reminders. Share any Office attachments from your computer or from the cloud. Create Groups to discuss, collaborate, and share files and notes with others.

Microsoft Publisher - Publisher - A desktop publishing program that allows you to layout photos, marketing materials, and more. Use professional-looking effects for text, shapes, and pictures. Personalize publications using familiar tools in a way that best suits your audience.

Microsoft Access - Access - A database management solution for Windows operating systems. Build web databases and publish them to a SharePoint site. Enter, manage, and run reports on a large scale. Compile important information by storing for future reference, reporting, and analysis.

Retail versions

*Available for Windows PCs only

Open License Versions

Office 2013 and newer for Windows will require Windows 7 or newer.

Office 2019 requires Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.12 or newer