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As proud Microsoft Gold partners, our professionals here at Trusted Tech Team are committed to providing you with everything you need to get the most out of your Microsoft software. On this page, we provide a comprehensive list of resources for Microsoft Office programs and Microsoft Windows operating systems, as well as a list of support links to help you learn more about your software. Have issues with a product your ordered from us? Contact our team for free tech support today!

Microsoft Office Windows Server

Microsoft Office

Supported Installation Scenarios for Office, Project, and Visio

In many cases, you can install Office, Project, and Visio on the same computer. But, there are some combinations of Office, Project, and Visio that can't be installed together on the same computer. Read which versions are compatible.

Overview of Shared Computer Activations for Office 365 ProPlus

Shared computer activation allows you to deploy Office 365 ProPlus on a computer in your organization that is accessed by multiple users. View some examples and supported scenarios for using shared computer activation.

Overview of the Office Deployment Tool (ODT)

The Office Deployment Tool (ODT) is a command-line tool that you can use to download and deploy Office 365 to your client computers. ODT grants more control over any Office intallation i.e, how products are updated, including/excluding programs.

Overview of the Office Customization Tool

The Office Customization Tool creates the config files that you are used to deploy Office in large organizations. Use with ODT to deploy a customized version of Office.

Office Customization Tool

Ready to configure Office? Click here to visit the hosted Office 365 Client Configuration Tool to get started!

Overview of volume activation of Office

Volume activation is the process that Microsoft volume licensing customers use to automate and manage the activation of Microsoft products across large organizations. Read more about the nuances of Volume Activation.

Microsoft Windows Server

Windows Server Activation

Applies to Windows Server 2022/2019/2016. View activation information for Volume Licensing with Key Management Services (KMS).

Windows Server Upgrade Center

A useful tool for seeing all possible Windows Server upgrade paths, beginning with Server 2008.

Server 2022 Standard vs. Datacenter

A comprehensive comparison between the two most popular editions of Windows Server.